Just be yourself…


“People will always doubt you until they get to know you.”  ~M

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11 thoughts on “Just be yourself…

    1. You’re so sweet Walt, thank you… I’m doing well, just busy being a mom and trying to keep up with all my schoolwork. The same old stuff. 😋 Happy Easter to you too!

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  1. My experience is people doubt others through a concscious unwillingness to see others succeed.
    Call it jealousy, envy, egocentrism, and even of course, as you have put it: ignorance.
    But perhaps we should ask ourselves where this ignorance comes from.
    Is it that we are willingly not open to believing in others through a self-conscious weakness of our own?
    Or, are we still yet just innocent, like children, not yet capable of malicity?
    I fear the former, for the most part.
    My words of wisdom would be to treat others with compassion, empathy, and hope. Especially hope. Correct people’s posture and get their heads up again, encourage their hearts to warm with ambition. Success or failure is not important at this stage. Failure is almost always the origin of every successful endeavour. I would say that one cannot even spell out the word success without writing a few failures and trying again, and again, and again.
    Thanks for letting my mind wander at 04.30, before I start my day’s journey.


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    1. I think your words of wisdom are the key to everything. Everyone will always face failure at some point, but as long as they don’t give up trying, then that’s okay. And we need people to support us along the way. We need that extra boost from our friends to help us remember that we can try again, and that it’s perfectly okay to fail sometimes. There are times that I feel afraid to succeed because it seems to make the people around me upset. It’s why I try not to get too excited when I accomplish something. I try to tone down my joy and happiness for the sake of others and I hate feeling like I have to do that all the time. Jealousy and envy could be the culprits, but that doesn’t make sense to me because everyone is accomplished in their own way. And if I’m happy for others and their accomplishments, I wonder why they can’t be happy for me too.

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      1. You are a pure soul. A rarity amongst the den of hyenas we can humanity. I fee very much the same, however, I think what you are describing is humility and modesty. These are good qualities to have, even in the face of so much egoism. Social media encourages boastfulness and insincerity, reality TV even celebrates these qualities so much so that the people around us adopt similar models of selfishness and self-centeredness, egocentric, I suppose.
        Be shy, and humble, try not to make others feel less special by your achievements and you will benefit the most and become stronger for it.
        Don’t be.disheartened and never be like them. Because if that day ever comes, you’ll lose respect for yourself and pride will take over.

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