On my way to my first million!

I’m rich!!!  Lol… First .70₵ ever earned from writing!  Hey…. it’s a start, right? 


Total Earnings (as of 9/15/2016): $0.70
Unpaid Earnings: $0.70

August 2016 Earnings: $0.70
July 2016 Total Subscribers: 1
July 2016 Subscriber Factor: $0.6954

18 thoughts on “On my way to my first million!

  1. Just keep adding zeros to that $0.70. A father was teaching his son math. He told the boy zero was nothing. Well, later on he gave the boy a check for $10. The boy added two zeros. The father couldn’t understand why his account was over-drawn. The son replied, I added two nothing (zeros), I didn’t think it would make a difference.

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