Give a smile… God knows somebody probably needs one right now.


So after spending the majority of last night in the ER with my daughter Amy who was ill.  Here’s all I can really think of to say….


“The most attractive thing in the entire world, is when someone smiles.”  ~M


We were blessed by the many wonderful smiles we received by the hospital staff last night.  It really made a difference!  Also, thank you to those rare but true friends of mine, the ones who never cease to make me smile.  I am truly blessed because of you!  ❤

14 thoughts on “Give a smile… God knows somebody probably needs one right now.

    1. She seems a lot better today with some antibiotics in her. They’re still wanting me to keep an eye on her for a possible signs of a blood infection. I think she’ll be ok though. She already seemed much better after we got home late last night. Thanks for the hugs and smiles. I’m feeling ok myself, just still waiting on test results.


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