It’s official! I’m a princess now!


Well my new clothes dryer was delivered today and the darn thing actually performed a musical production for me when it was finished with its first load!  I feel as if I’m supposed to dance around and sing now, like Snow White and Cinderella; and I was almost expecting happy little birds to fly out of the inner chamber, when I went to gather my clothes to fold them.

I guess the world is trying to develop ways to disguise our mundane tasks, and somehow help us “find the fun” like in Mary Poppins.  And perhaps with the snap of our fingers, our jobs will become an amusing game!  Lol….

Well, all I can say is… it did bring a smile to my face, when I thought about how completely ridiculous it is to have an appliance serenading me during the hustle and bustle of my day.  Oh what will they think of next! 😜

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15 thoughts on “It’s official! I’m a princess now!

    1. Yes, and it seems all of the new appliances are adding this feature. I keep thinking to myself, where is that music coming from? And then of course I realize, it’s just the dryer telling me it’s done. Lol….

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  1. Well at least it sang you a pleasant tune and not one of those tunes that stick in your head like a bad virus. Technology making your chores enjoyable, who would have thunk it. Of course if they work and last that might be a little more important. Enjoy!!!!

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