With every painful moment…



“Think about it… with every painful moment in your life, you became stronger and more prepared for the next hurdle.  By now, you’ve accomplished more than you thought you ever could, and by enduring those pain filled moments, you have gained great confidence.  So at this point in your life, you should now be able to do almost anything, because once you’ve survived enough pain in your life, everything else becomes easier.”  ~M




Photo credit: Pinterest.com & Crosscards.com

12 responses to “With every painful moment…

  1. Beautiful message, and so very true. I see you have got a new theme, I think it is amazing, I so love the colors. New year, new makeover 🙂 I am afraid to change anything – I did once, and my older posts look strange 🙂

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  2. Amen!!!

    On a side note, do you know you have ads running at the bottom of your posts? I just noticed them yesterday. Don’t remember ever seeing them before. If you’re paying for your site, better tell WP to knock it off!!

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