Twenty-five things I learned in 2016…


With the New Year approaching, I started thinking about the list of things I learned in 2015, and thought I should do another list for this year as well.  So without further ado… here’s what I came up with.


Twenty-five things I’ve learned over the past year.

I’ve learned…

1.) How important it is to set aside time to read.

2.) To just be myself and not worry what others might think about me.

3.) Not to hold anything back when it comes to love.

4.) That random acts of kindness are good for the soul.

5.) To never give up on someone.

6.) That my girls really are as crazy as I am.

7.) That I enjoy macaroni and cheese entirely too much.

8.) To be more understanding.

9.) That going to the gym isn’t entirely overrated.

10.) That I enjoy having time alone.

11.) What it feels like to be told that you may have cancer.

12.) How hard it is to recover from loneliness.

13.) Not to push people beyond what they are comfortable with.

14.) That I have a heart for people who need to be cared for.

15.) That I like to have plenty of time to plan ahead.

16.) How having a brightly painted room, can completely altar one’s perspective.

17.) How much I love homemade chai tea.

18.) How girly I really am.

19.) That my house can be messy and I don’t really care.

20.) How a single note both good or bad can affect my entire day.

21.) How quiet my house really is with only two daughters living here instead of four.

22.) That I can’t eat tomatoes or anything spicy anymore without consequences.

23.) That really good job opportunities are extremely rare nowadays.

24.) How in just a few short months, my daughters can be married and gone.

25.) The importance of a true and trusted friend.


How about you?  What have you learned over this past year or over the course of your lifetime?

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18 thoughts on “Twenty-five things I learned in 2016…

  1. I loved this post. I love Mac and cheese too! I learned that I can live without booze, I like getting up pretty much at the same time everyday, I don’t feel right without a shower, it’s ok if I don’t have a pile of friends, and so much more lol

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    1. Thank you Rob! Mmmm…. mac n cheese… I’m simply addicted! Lol…. I love your list. Maybe you could think of 20 more things that you’ve learned and write a post like this too! I would love to read it. 🙂 So this is my challenge for you! Take care and have a wonderful rest of your week!

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  2. What a great list, Michelle! What have I learned? Follow my heart instead of what others think. Never quit. I’m the glass half full. Einstein quotes are the best. Read what you never had a chance or opportunity to read- I’m reading The Courage of Sarah Noble. A smile is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do for someone else. Happy New Year, Michelle!

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    1. Thanks Jennie…. Oh I love your list too! I couldn’t agree more! I’ll have to take a look at that book. There are so many good ones out there, I never know what to read next! Many blessings to you my friend. 😉

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  3. Loved the list, I learned how easy it is to loose someone if you don’t pay attention to them. I found out how easy it is to really love someone fully and how wonderful it feels. I learned that I can actually write something more than Roses are Red and Violets are Blue. I learned that I am probably lactose intolerant and I can’t eat Ice Cream anymore (Boo Hoo). I learned Hope… Have a Blessed and Happy New Year my friend….

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