So ungrateful!


I tried to get the sweetest picture of my hubby sleeping today. He was hugging the pillows like a teddy bear, 🐻 and had the most angelic πŸ˜‡ look upon his face. So I crept up close to him, as close as I could get, and was just about to snap a picture, when suddenly he opened his eyes, and shifted his position.

I said…. “Why did you have to move!?! Β I was about to capture the cutest picture of you ever!” His sleepy reply…. “I sensed imminent danger….”

So this is the only picture I could get, after he glared at me and shoved a pillow over his face. Sheesh! And all I wanted to do was capture his sweet handsome face! So ungrateful! Lol…. 😜

22 responses to “So ungrateful!

  1. Hilarious! Good response from him. My husband hates it when I take his picture, but he’s actually stopped fighting me…after 42 years, it’s about time! LOL

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  2. Haha this is exactly what my hubby would do, too. LOL

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  3. I tried to do that often. I had some success!! hehe!!

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  4. Ha! This made me laugh. Thanks for the chuckle. πŸ™‚

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  5. Don’t poke the bear lol

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