#MidnightMadness – 4/8/2017


I am the oldest of three and grew up with a sister who is seven years younger than me.  I can still remember the very first time our mother served my sister a chicken leg for dinner.  She was probably about four years old, and she looked up at our mother, with her innocent baby blue eyes, and in her teeny tiny voice she said,

“Mommy, do I hold it by the handle?” 

Everyone promptly burst out laughing and it’s been something which none of us have ever forgotten.  I really wish I would have written down more of the things my own girls have said over the years.  There were a ton of funny things, but sadly I can’t remember the majority of them anymore.

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  1. Hahaha this is funny!
    It’s not too late to start though. I’m sure they still have a lot up their little growing sleeves

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  2. Well my youngest is 8, and my next oldest is 15. My other 2 daughters are married and out of the house. So they aren’t so little anymore…. 🙂


  3. Lol. Very funny☺☺

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  5. I know… I can’t help but laugh every time I recall this. Thanks for the reblog!

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