#MidnightMadness – 5/5/2017


One night, my youngest daughter Autumn (who was about 5 yrs. old at the time) was visited by the tooth fairy.  The next morning I asked her if the tooth fairy had come.  She nodded yes and had a very glum look on her face.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me to come see for myself.  After following her into her bedroom, she pulled out a one dollar bill from under her pillow and said, “See… this is what she gave me!”  I said, “Oh, a dollar!  That’s exciting!  She shook her head in disagreement and said, “Well, the last time I got a whole quarter!”

Photo credit: pixabay.com

2 responses to “#MidnightMadness – 5/5/2017

  1. Ha ha ha. My grandson likes nickels more than dimes because they’re bigger. 🙂

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  2. Lol… too funny! 😉

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