Would you rather?


I was just playing one of my favorite games with my girls tonight called, “Would you Rather.”  It’s a great question and answer game and for one of the challenges my oldest daughter had to come up with her own question.  She asked this… “If you had the ability, would you rather change something in the past for the better or something in the future?  And as I thought about this question, I thought I’d rather change something in the future, because the idea of changing the past always makes me wonder if I’d likely then screw up the future.  But then my youngest daughter had this perspective, she said she’d rather change something in the past because in that way it would likely fix something in the future as well.  So in her mind, she was killing two birds with one stone.  Lol… She is always so much more optimistic than I am.  I suppose it’s a gamble either way no matter what choice is made.  What would you do and why?

20 thoughts on “Would you rather?

      1. we are in the same journey, our son did ask the same question last week and it took few minutes to answer back to him…I said I would not change the past since every adventure and old generation is the best, I would change few elements at the current time.

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        1. Of course then if you knew what the future was going to be, then maybe you wouldn’t even change those present events either. I think sometimes even our hardships have to happen in order to make for a better future. It’s an interesting thought at least, and one we can never know for certain. Probably best just to leave all of it alone. 😉


  1. I think the past, because otherwise you would be changing the future , based on your life experience of today. And maybe when you reached that point in the future, you would have made a different choice. Does that make sense ? 😊😊

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    1. Yes, but what if you didn’t want to make that choice in the future in the first place? Lol… This is a very complicated subject isn’t it? 😉


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