Make each second count…


“Why live for tomorrow, when you still have today?” ~M

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13 thoughts on “Make each second count…

          1. Yes it does! The therapist said that I learned the amount that most kids learn in 3 weeks! I did a visualization with her yesterday, and when I got up, I was totally relaxed! I’ve never been THAT relaxed! 😆

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      1. I get that! I write poetry during the day and save on WordPress as draft or schedule to post at 5:30 am and sometimes it wakes me up at 2:00 for needed tweaking. Whereabouts in my brain is that 2:00 art alarm? I guess you know.

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        1. Lol… that’s me too. 😉 I post poetry on my other blog, and I’ll be just about to fall asleep and think to myself, “I really should change that last line….” I’m never satisfied. Lol… 😉

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