So simple…


“Life is simple. Eat your vegetables and you’ll do fine.” ~M

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27 thoughts on “So simple…

    1. Yes, yes you do… now stop
      talking back and eat everything on your plate. There are starving children in China after all.

      How many times did we hear that? Lol…. 😂😋🤨

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            1. My strategy has always been foolproof. I actually let them eat as much as they want of it. Then they end up really sick from all of it, and eventually decide for themselves how terrible an idea it was in the first place. Now they eat responsibly without me having to lecture them. Halloween night has always been the perfect opportunity to put this method to the test. After eating an entire bag of candy in one night, it pretty much cures them of ever wanting candy again. Lol… I know, I really am a meanie. 😉

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