The Wonderful Grime of Life


“There will eventually come a day, when greasy little handprints and slobbery dog kisses will be permanently erased from my windows. I know it sounds crazy… but I will surely miss those days.” ~M


12 thoughts on “The Wonderful Grime of Life

  1. I cannot imagine not having a thriving three year old running around. Causing trouble, but I know that growing up is a natural part of life. I cherish every moment and take nothing for granted.:)

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    1. I know you do… I can tell by how you talk about him so often. 🙂 I noticed that your wife posted that he’s been having ear infections. Is he still having problems? Those can be so terrible. My oldest use to get them all the time because she was in daycare. Once I started staying home with the girls they hardly ever got sick.

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