I’m here for you if you need me….

Ok so… the strangest thing just happened to me about an hour ago.  I was on my phone and a message popped up that said “If you need me, I’m here for you.”  That was all it said and then my phone shut off and wouldn’t turn back on for about 30 mins.  After finally getting my phone to work again, the message is nowhere to be found.  I have checked all my emails, messages, all my apps, and there is simply no message saying that anywhere.  The craziest thing is, I have been really down in the dumps lately and feel like I don’t always have somebody who I can immediately turn to.  I know I can always turn to God, but sometimes it’s so hard for me to want to turn to somebody who I can’t see, feel, or talk to face-to-face.  So honestly, even though I know God is always there, I need human contact!  A true living breathing friend who wants to know me and listen to me when I need them.  And yet I have a feeling that God was trying to get my attention tonight.  Are you really there God?  And if you’re listening… I really do need you…  Love, ~Me

23 thoughts on “I’m here for you if you need me….

  1. How is it that you are feeling the same exact ways that I do? I have never had that experience with my phone but the rest of what you said is exactly how i feel. That being said you can always call me, as I know that I can call you anytime.

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  2. But it is how God answers – through other people. It is why we are here on earth – to comfort and uplift each other. Blogging is a great way to feel that you are not alone 🙂 Cheer up! Join me in my short trip this Friday 😉

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  3. Wow, that’s amazing. This is really inspiring–I think I’m going to start doing one act of kindness or more to the people around me. Something like that text message could really make someone’s day!

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  4. How unusual! Sounds like a sign to me. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if God started calling us on our cell phones.

    I hear you about needing real, live people. The world can be a lonely place sometimes and it’s really tough if you’re isolated.

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    1. It always amazes me how God gets our attention. He can use a message from anyone to get our attention and he does it so very often. This is why I never doubt my belief in him. He shows me so very often that he is really there and that he doesn’t want me to ever forget it! Lol….

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