Him vs. Her – The grime of life


Where to begin… I really have no idea what to write about.  Everything I’d been considering earlier, sounded so much better as I was standing in the shower this morning.  However, I do think that this quote sort of sums things up for me today.  It’s too bad all of the muck in my life, couldn’t have somehow broken free and lost its way down that drain.  No matter what I do, the problems and issues I’m currently facing, just never seem to go away.  I suppose I feel that I have come to a place in my life, of complete discontent and unhappiness.  So much so, that I have been trying to find happiness in all the wrong places and have set myself up for failure during the process.  Backtracking is the hardest thing of all, because once we move forward, we can never seem to go back the same way we came.  True the saying goes… nothing ventured, nothing gained.  But then again, I think I’ve been testing the fire with my bare hands, and now I’m paying the price for that.  Life… does it ever get any easier?  Sigh…

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17 thoughts on “Him vs. Her – The grime of life

        1. Thanks D….. I do have a counselor and she is a amazing. I can see her anytime I want. The problem though runs deeper than anything she can help me with. It’s something my heart struggles with and nothing I do will ever change that. I feel I may just spend the rest of my life feeling like I do. I suppose that’s what happens sometimes when you don’t guard your heart. And broken hearts take a very long time to mend.

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          1. Broken hearts do take time to mend, and readiness is part of that. Keep working on it and use all the supports available to you. Some losses never completely disappear, but they often do scar over and fade, leaving room for growth and happiness. Take care of yourself. ❤

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  1. It’s never meant to be easy. If it was, we would become complacent. We are challenged daily and how we spearhead that challenge defines us. You’re a strong woman. These bumps in the road are there to make you see that. You’ll be fine. I know it and more importantly, so do you ❤️

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  2. Thank goodness you can write and get support from your fellow bloggers. It does get better, but often not in the way you envision. Time does heal wounds. It’s the new wounds that are the hardest. Best to you!


  3. It’s always hard when steps have been started, reflection on what was is less, critical, less in the moment, and you can always regret, but, regret about not doing something, is sometimes a harsher pill to deal with, and can make bitterness breed it’s bastard sons.

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