#MidnightMadness – 4/26/2017


As a child, I never quite understand the purpose or point of imaginary friends.  Maybe it was the fact that I disliked the real friends I had so much, that there was no possible way I would have ever wanted to make more of them in imaginary form.  All of my children have had imaginary friends, so it sort of got me wondering why I never did.  Have any of you ever had an imaginary friend?

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30 thoughts on “#MidnightMadness – 4/26/2017

  1. The FreeValleyPublishing Comment above was actually me. FreeValleyPublishing doesn’t have imaginary friends, but we do have plenty of characters. 🙂 Sometime I forget to sign out and back in. I get confused with so many ‘me’s’. I have too many blogs. Does that mean I’m my own imaginary friend?

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  2. Never had a specific and ongoing entity, but I gave personalities to my stuffed animals and many other things around me, and I often spoke to imaginary characters and then spoke their parts back to me when playing. And especially the stuffed animals seemed to have a mind of there own. They were very distinct from each other in ideas and behavior and some of them were quite cheeky too. 🙂

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    1. I sort of did the same… I created an entire world in which I would secretly escape into and tell my younger sister I was actually one of the characters in my other world. It used to freak her out. Since she was the younger sibling, she believed everything I said…. lol…. Oh my poor sister…. she still gets on my case about it and it’s been about 35 years since…. lol…

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        1. It’s funny because I can imagine you as a little boy putting on a pouty face and being stubborn enough to not want any friends. I’ve seen this look on my own girls. lol…. Why feel bad?

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          1. Your Mom radar is strong, because that’s exactly how I used to be as a kid.
            I feel bad for a couple reasons. One, because I’ve been told that online friends aren’t real friends so I’m having a hard time reconciling that with my own beliefs, and two, because I don’t want to waste people’s time…my mind is complicated

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            1. Well, I can picture you as if I had been there. 😉 Online friends are real friends. In fact, one of my friends that I grew up with, went to visit her online friends and even married one of them! Lol…


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