“When almost everyone you love is hardly ever present in your life, it makes the whole world seem like a very dark and dismal place.” ~M

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8 thoughts on “Loneliness…

  1. First of all, every time I click on Read A Random Post I either have a great laugh or it ends up being a true story of the season I am going through. I know you follow my blog and have seen posts of my mother passing a year ago this Thanksgiving. This has been 1 weird year.. I took care of her since age 12 but now both parents are gone. I have been married for 35 years now, was 17 when I said I Do. He is currently stage 4 copd/emphysema Caregiver’s get so Isolated.

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    1. Awww….. Donna, this just made me so happy, to know that my posts are often relatable and bringing a bit of humor to your life. I really hope you’re able to cope alright. So sorry about your mom, and that’s simply awful about your poor hubby. My heart goes out to both of you. I’m always here to lend an ear if you ever need someone. Here’s my email too. herwritinghaven@gmail.com


            1. So sadly true… it’s too bad we can’t find all the other people who are dealing with the same thing and do something about it.


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