Reality check


There are some amazing people in my life who I can’t forget because they are always there for me. Even so, life is still very hard sometimes, and it’s easy to feel like I deserve a better life than the one I have. Sometimes I even chase after things that aren’t good for me, and I end up causing myself so much heartache and pain. Slowly but surely though, I have been learning to let go of the things that aren’t meant to be, and to stop feeling as if I should have more. Over the past couple of years, especially, I have seen many people in my life come and go, and it has been extremely troublesome for me. I’ve often felt lonely, abandoned, and disappointed beyond words. And many times, just as I thought that God was answering my prayers, there were instances where my hopes were suddenly shattered, and I began to blame God for all of it. I realize now though that I’ve been looking beyond what is right in front of me every day. I’ve been disregarding the many blessings that I do have and wasting so much of my time chasing empty promises. So today, as I look back and think about how things have turned out; I’m looking at everything in a more positive light and feeling grateful for the life I’ve been given.

10 thoughts on “Reality check

  1. On the 24th I was 62. Sixty two years and only now do I realise that we can not make people be like us, we can’t because we all are unique. We get upset because who we thought we knew and trusted; didn’t’ agree, or live up to what we hoped. The fact is (light bulb moment) nobody ever will … they are not us. I think, we meet people in our lifetime and befriend/love them initially because we are drawn to the similarities to ourselves. Like magnets we pull close and sometimes we stay that way for years, learning to adapt and tolerate each of our differences. But eventually a part we like less pops up … that is when we are hurt because we forgot they are not us. This is when we re-evaluate. Know what their faults are and love them in spite of that or, (as too many do) let them go. Life is too short, friends too few. That is what I have come to know in my 62 years.

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    1. This is exactly how it is, and I hope you will post your message on your blog, so that others can hear what you have learned. It’s a reality we face every day, but never quite understand. I love the way you explained it. ❤️


      1. You are welcome, I have a friend who said something that hurt me just the other day. I stopped, weighed up our friendship of 20 years and decided our relationship is worth the ache she left me with. When she had let her hair down had a few sips … she showed her true colours, the colours she obviously tries hard most of the time to keep buried so she doesn’t upset me. That is a friendship worth keeping, a friend worth forgiving.

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        1. I think friends are always worth fighting for and keeping, especially the ones we’ve known for years. But you’re exactly right, one bad day can often mean the end of one of those friendships. I think you’ve discovered the secret to keeping yours. 😉


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